#1 Dealer in Denver Freespirit Rooftop Tents

If you’re looking for a rooftop tent – you came to the right place. Here at Go Explore it, we are proudly a stocked dealer of the high demand Freespirit rooftop tents.

There is no doubt that rooftop tents are in high demand. With the disruption of COVID over the least year plus, sometimes it feels like there is little to do. One thing is certain, the outdoor industry is booming! We are officially Denvers #1 Freespirit Dealer.

If you’re wanting to take a look at several options before investing we’ve got you covered. We carry many different types in our shop. Feel free to give us a call if you want to check out the tents. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you decide to buy through your local dealer, Go Explore It, we can help you out and install the tent as well!

What’s so great about the Freespirit rooftop tents is you can truly maximize your backcountry camping experience. You’ll experience quickly that the tents are equipped with an enhanced Tri-layer technology, it’s engineered to hold heat in extreme cold weather, but yet still comfortable on a warm summer night.

If you’re looking to enhance your custom rig we recommend the Evolution or Odyssey because there is a low profile making it easy to park safely in your garage + with the hard top roof you’re able to install the Optional Rack System that allows you to mount gear on top of the Odyssey tent. Load up bikes, kayaks, totes—you name it.

If you have kiddos or are looking to camp with your buds, you could check out our Dodge Power Wagon adventure rig to rent . You have the option to rent it with one or two Freespririt Rooftop Tents creating an experience that is comfy for everyone.