Gas prices are going up…but so are you…

…up into the Colorado mountains!

Gas prices are high and you may be feeling the pinch, heck, maybe even the PUNCH at the pump right now. We understand.

If you are still feeling the urge to get out and away from the stress of it all, you can!

At Go Explore It, our experts can help you create or modify your route to save on that mileage, protect your wallet, and still reap the benefits of some R & R in the wilderness on your next adventure, and here we have compiled some simple changes that you can make to get the most our of the current situation…

  1. Choose the right vehicle! Some of our vehicles get better mileage than others, take into account the size and weight of the vehicle, the size of the tires, engine type etc. Some of our vehicles run on Diesel, which tends to be more fuel efficient than the more prevalent, gas powered engines.
  2. Check your route. We know, we know! There is SO much that you want to see out there and Colorado alone is full of natural beauty spots and bucket list items. There will be another trip, another time and opportunity. Enjoy what you can, now, and when you plan your next off road journey, you will be so excited to finally make it to that special destination. You can even rent a bigger vehicle, and bring the whole group along to experience it together and split the cost!
  3. Enjoy a Staycation! You don’t have to travel far to reap the benefits of a night or two sleeping under the stars. There are a few good options within 2 hours of Golden, Colorado where, if you time it right, you can drive into a good spot to rest your head, fish, climb or hike in nature. Within half an hour of being “at camp”, your worries will fade as you breathe a the fresh mountain air, and with one of our vehicles, you can rest easy knowing you are fully equipped to adventure, cook and sleep in comfort.

So there you have it! If we can assist you in planning your next trip, contact us today and let’s see if we can help you get away from it all, reset, rejuvenate, and return refreshed and ready for anything!